Having a Party is a BIG Deal

You want everyone to have a good time.


We have been doing this since 1998


Have a Question Please ask us


Here is a list of the Most common Questions


ALL PEOPLE LIKE TO PLAY ON INFLATABLES. We have over 40 inflatables to pick. Little kids and the BIG kids can play, Yes even You!


BECAUSE WE CARE safety is a # 1 factor for us.

All of our drivers have been shown safety-training videos along with hands on training from our veteran drivers. 

Safety at your event is our priority!


CANCELLATION: Must cancel within 72 hours in advance of your party start time or a 50% charge will be applied.


DELIVERIES: Deliver as far as Alpine (Int. 8) to Tavern Rd. and as far as North Encinitas, Santa Luz, Ranch Bernardo.

We are not able to deliver to Valle Center, Ramona or to El Monte Park.


EVERY ORDER REQUIRES A CREDIT CARD for security purposes. A 50% deposit will be required for all orders.

You will pay cash at the time of delivery for the balance due.


FREE DELIVERY AND SET-UP! Yup, that's right, delivery and set up is included in the cost.


GENERATORS are needed at most parks where electricity is not available.

A $100 charge will be applied to your order if we have to bring generator to your party after delivery. 


HOURS: We deliver 7 days a week.

latest pick-up is 6PM need a later pick up ask we can see about setting something up for you.

our office hours are Mon - Fri 9 to 2 PM - Office is Closed Saturdays & Sundays.


INSURED & PARK APPROVED. We are able to deliver to all of San Diego City and County Parks.

Need an Insurance Cert, just ask, it takes about 48 hourse for us to get one.


JUMPS: Our jumpers are designed for up and down jumping, for safety please don't let the kids go side to side, it will collapse the inflatable.


KNOW: That we have been doing this for years, Our Drivers make sure it's set up correctly and ready for fun.


LATE NIGHT / OVER NIGHT RATES: Late Night pick-up is $25/hour after 6PM.

Over-Night rentals are $25 to $100 (pick-up will be sometime after noon the next day).


MEASURE YOUR YARD! Don't have a tape measure handy? The average shoe size is around 12 inches.

Count how many steps the area is and the measurement of your yard should be very close.




ORDERS are recommended to be placed 4-6 weeks in advance, if you're looking for the Kool stuff!



You will need to contact the Parks & Recreation department to confirm if you will need a permit or not.

San Diego Jump Co. is not responsible for getting your permit.

You will NOT receive a refund if your jumper is shut down by the park rangers for not getting a Permit.


QUALITY OF SERVICE: San Diego Jump strives to have the highest quality of service!

With a full time cleaning & maintenance crew as well as friendly drivers.

We are ready to deliver & set up your choice of over 40 jumpers.


RAIN POLICY: Ok, so yes we can get some rain here in San Diego.

If it is raining the day of your event you will receive a call around 6AM that morning by your driver.

at this time you will be given the choice for delivering or canceling the jumper.

there is no charge for canceling during this time.

If you request delivery and cancel at arrival, there is a 50% charge.

once the jumper is set up it's a 100% charge.

no refunds will be given if it rains after set-up.


STEPS: Sorry, due to the weight of the jumps NO STEPS!


TABLES & CHAIRS: Adult Tables - $10 ea. / Adult Chairs -$2 ea. (6-8 chairs fit per table)


UN-ACCEPTABLE SURFACES: Rocks, sand or sloped areas. 

ACCEPTABLE SURFACES: Grass, Grass/Dirt, Flat Cement, Flat Asphalt, and 50/50 Grass/Cement.


VARIETY: Yes we do! We have a HUGE variety; it all depends on the size of your yard and your budget,

with over 40 jumpers & prices from as low as $100 all the way to $1500.


WEIGHT: A basic jumper can handle around 400-500 Pounds,

thats like 8-10 kids, Slides are 2 up and 2 down, Please no Conga Line on the slides.


X-TRA DISCOUNTS? We offer Military, Fundraiser, Church, School and Repeat Customer discounts.


Y- Seeing a smile on a kid's famce makes us Smile and we know your kid will be sleeping after all day of Jumping!




So are you ready?


Let's make your event one that everyone has fun!



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