120' MEGA Vertical Rush Obstacle Course

This is what happens when you put the Vertical Rush slide and the Large Obstacle course together?


Vertical Rush MEGA

Rock type Wall Climb to the top of Slide

This is the Race of the Century or at least your Party

120' Long 2 = Giant Slides

 Play for fun or Team Building

Area needed 20' w x 130'L

45' Tropical Obstacle Course

Bring the Tropics to your event

45' Long Obstacle Course with a 12’ slide at the end.




Climb up to the Slide



Squeeze Play

BIG Slide for the Finish

45' Challenger Obstacle Course

Here is a 45' challenge for you and a friend:

Race up and over, then squeeze through the 12' climb, and down the slide for the finish.

SPACE REQUIRED: 45' Long x 22' Wide x 15' Tall

45' Ultimate Rush Obstacle Course

45' of racing for you and your friends.
10' slide will help you finish the race.

90' Large Obstacle Course

This obstacle course is what you need to get your party Rocking!!

Great fun for kids 5 yrs thru Adult.

SPACE REQUIRED: 85' Long x 15' Wide x 18' Tall
Add the Vertical Rush Slide to this and get
120' Long
MEGA Vertical Rush Obstacle Course

120' Mega Obstacle Course

The name says it all. Over 120' Thats 1/3 of a Football Field.
29' slide in the Middle, like going down a 3 story Building

This monster-sized challenge is designed for Kids and Adults
"Mega Obstacle Course". This one is not for the weak of heart.

SPACE REQUIRED: 120' Long x 30' Wide x 35' Tall


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